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Pathfinder® Line
Ideal over high bos indicus content females



Transition® Line
Ideal over bos indicus infused females



Popplewell® Composite Line
Stabilise and improve your composite cow base



Indiplus® Line
For when you want that touch more indicus

About Us

The Popplewell Composite bull breeding program was started in 2007 by assembling proven performance genetics from foundation breeds, being Senepol, Red Angus, Bonsmara/Belmont Red and Brahman, with a focus on naturally polled genetics. Foundation animals were chosen because of their success in measured breeding programs around the globe including Australia, South America, USA and South Africa.

The program is further strengthened by an integrated performance recording and selective breeding program designed to keep the bulls we sell at the leading edge of the tropical beef industry.

Popplewell Composites is a tropical beef seed-stock company operated by husband and wife team Greg Popplewell and Katrina Popplewell. Together they have a young daughter, Eve.

Katrina Popplewell was raised on her parent’s Central Queensland cattle properties and is highly experienced in business management, having held senior positions in major agribusiness companies. Greg Popplewell has many years experience in the Northern Australian beef cattle industry and managing genetics companies. He has been involved in the development of some of the most innovative and successful red meat breeding programs in Australia. Greg also holds a Bachelor degree in Agriculture and a Masters degree in Animal Breeding Management.

Popplewell Composites run a quality controlled network of experienced co-operators, each either focused on Embryo Transfer (E.T.) activities, cow nucleus and heifer management or bull development. Our co-operators’ dedicated involvement allows us to produce large numbers of quality bulls. Our cow nucleus and heifer development program is run in the coastal Gympie district in conjunction with the Johnston Family. Currently around 300 performance recorded calves are born annually across Popplewell Composites' breeding program.