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Pathfinder® Line
Ideal over high bos indicus content females



Transition® Line
Ideal over bos indicus infused females



Popplewell® Composite Line
Stabilise and improve your composite cow base



Indiplus® Line
For when you want that touch more indicus


Hybrid Vigour in all of your herd:

By incorporating the four foundation breeds (Senepol,Bonsmara/Belmont, Brahman & Red Angus) in equal proportions, Popplewell Composites maintain approximately 75% of the hybrid vigour (heterosis) occurring in a first cross animal. Running a cow without hybrid vigour is like running a truck without oil! It provides cattle with extra fertility, adaptability, growth and resilience

A composite cow herd removes the need to keep inefficient purebred cows to breed crossbred replacement females, meaning more hybrid vigour overall. Its also a lot simpler!

Fertility and Apadtability:

The use of Brahman, Senepol and Belmont/Bonsmara provides a foundation of adaptability, parasite resistance and efficiency. These traits are vital for success in tropical production environments. Red Angus, Belmont/Bonsmara, Senepol and Hybrid Vigour help lower age of puberty and increase fertility.

Beef CRC results show a 14% increase in calf weaning rate advantage in favour of multi-breed tropical Composites in comparison to straight bos indicus. Composites were more fertile and had superior calf survival.

Our herd is the only herd in Australia with G-EBVs for both Yearling Days to Calving (yearling heifer fertility) and Cow Days to Calving with our average G-EBVs being better than the most fertile Composite Sire found by Beef CRC.

Meat Quality:

With lower bos indicus (25%), and excellent growth rate and meat quality, Popplewell Composites fit well into quality beef programs, including the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) system as our cattle are bred to be flat backed, marble well and have adequate fat cover.

Genetics measured and selected to perform from station to steak:

All of our cattle are performance recorded for fertility, growth, traits, adaptability, structural soundness and temperament. Our primary source of genetic evaluation is Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Predictor (G-BLUP), which provides us with Genomic Estimated Breeding Values (G-EBVs) for fertility growth and carcass traits. Genomic DNA testing and DNA testing for the Polled gene is also part of our integrated program.Genetic diversity is carefully monitored and maintained using a state of the art mate selection program called Total Genetic Resource Manager (TGRM). By maintaining a large gene pool and introduction of new genetics from foundation breeds, we aim to be our customers’ sole source of new and improved self replacing line genetics for both now and the future.

Naturally Polled:

Polled cattle offer better animal welfare, lower labour requirements and remove any impact of dehorning on animal productivity.
Sires and dams used in the Popplewell Composite program are either scurred or smooth polled. Horn genes are selected against.

Bulls are supplied with the following health credentials:

  • Semen morphology tested and Vet checked (working age bulls)
  • 7 in1 vaccinated
  • Vibriosis vaccinated (working age bulls)
  • Botulism vaccinated
  • Pestivirus (BVD) vaccinated
  • Ear notch tested BVD PI free
  • Bovine ephemeral fever (3 day) vaccinated
  • Trivalent (3-germ) tick fever vaccinated