Instead of only offering bulls of the final Composite mix, that would require commercial breeders to go through a slow grading up process, we provide our customers with a suite of hybrid line options designed to change existing cow bases into composite herds of a consistent breed type faster.

Pathfinder BullPathfinder® Line:

50% Senepol, 50% Red Angus

Ideal over high bos indicus content females!

Use over:

  • High content Brahman females
  • Boran females & other bos indicus
  • Also great over lower % bos indicus females in sub-tropical and semi-arid areas

Pathinfinders are slick coated bulls with the capability to work in the heat and ticks. Pathfinder will slash your bos indicus in half, producing high performance steers and fertile F1 daughters with longevity.

The commercial daughters of Pathfinder bulls (out of Brahman type cows) can be crossed with Transition bulls to create Popplewell Composite type progeny.

Transition BullTransition® Line:

50% Bonsmara/Belmont, 25% Senepol, 25% Red Angus

Ideal over bos indicus infused females!

Use over:
Pathfinder daughters
Brahman cross females
Brangus females
Charbray females
Droughtmaster females
Santa Gertrudis females

Transitions are an excellent choice for use over Pathfinder x Brahman females, as the resulting progeny will be approximately 25% Brahman, 25% Bonsmara/Belmont, 25% Red Angus, 25% Senepol (Popplewell Composites).
Transition line bulls are also recommended for use over Brangus, Brahman Cross, Charbray Droughmatser and Santa Gertrudis type females as a step before using Popplewell Composite line bulls over resulting daughters.

Composite BullPopplewell® Composite Line:

25% Brahman, 25% Bonsmara/Belmont, 25% Senepol, 25% Red Angus

Stabilise and improve your composite cow base!

Use over:
Transition Daughters
Lower indicus content females

Popplewell Composite Line bulls provide continual genetic improvement and maintain high levels of hybrid vigour when used over composite females.

Indiplus Bull Indiplus® Line:

50% Brahman
25% Senepol
25% Red Angus

For when you want that touch more indicus!

Use over:
Brahman x females to stabilise 50% bos indicus content.