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Pathfinder® Line
Ideal over high bos indicus content females



Transition® Line
Ideal over bos indicus infused females



Popplewell® Composite Line
Stabilise and improve your composite cow base



Indiplus® Line
For when you want that touch more indicus

Proof of Profit

The Australian Beef Co-operative Research Centre (Beef CRC):

A team of world leading economists and scientists in 2003 calculated that tropical beef composites provide an additional $24 gross margin benefit per Adult Equivalent (AE) stocking unit over purebred bos indicus in a grass fed system by providing extra growth and fertility whilst maintaining a high level of adaptation. They also calculated an additional $43 to $47 gross margin benefit per AE in grain finishing systems through increased rate of weight gain and meat quality grade premiums.

Composites out-perform purebred Brahmans in Northern Australia:

The Department of Business Industry and Resource Development in the Northern Territory Australia conducted a commercial scale trial at Douglas Daily and Katherine tropical research stations. Composite cattle had weight and reproduction figures that were consistently superior to Brahman comparisons, without treatment for parasites. Composite heifer pregnancy rates were even higher than a selected Brahman fertility line.